How to Order

As much as we have made the ordering process seamless and easy, we’d like to advise you to take your time and enjoy the process of getting handcrafted jewellery made that you will hold on to and cherish forever. We believe that anything that is valuable takes time and patience and work with this philosophy. If the process involves procurement of gemstones or diamonds, it might add to the delivery schedule, but please note that we will never compromise quality over anything else. Especially for your sake.

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Our ordering process for customised orders:

  • Browse through our online collection or drop by our store in Chennai and tell us what you like. 
  • You could also be looking for something specific that we may not have, in that case, we would love to hear more about the occasion, your style, favourite gemstones, budget, timeline, and if it is a gift for yourself or a loved one. This will help us guide you better. 
  • If you are remaking your old jewellery, then depending on the metal and gemstones in the jewellery, we will assess what is feasible and let you know of possible solutions.
  • In lieu that we have something that matches your criterion, we will share a few designs from our extensive collections.
  • Based on the above, we will have a discussion with you and understand what and how you would like your customisations. 
  • After understanding what you are looking for, we will take some time and then get back with the finer details such as budgets, timelines etc.
  • We can repeat the above process until you find something that strikes your fancy and you are completely sold on. We believe that purchasing jewellery should never be a rushed decision.  

What should you expect: 

  • Handcrafting jewellery is a slow and beautiful process that requires patience and utmost attention to detail. We do not mass produce and each of our designs, especially those that we customise especially are painstakingly made so that they match the standards expected from Rasvihar. 
  • We are always available for a chat and provide regular updates, including any delays due to unforeseeable factors. 
  • We will be delighted to share process and production images (wherever feasible).

What should you NOT expect: 

  • We have skilled artisans and craftspeople who have been in the jewellery making business for generations even, but what we cannot promise is that everything can be done by us, especially something that is created by skilled hands from another craft or community of people far removed from us.

Here's an anecdote that will help us explain ourselves – “A customer once brought us this stunning bracelet that was made in Turkey. They wanted the stone to be replaced but the beauty of the bracelet was because of the skilful hands that made it. We feared that any attempts to remove or replace the stones could potentially destroy the beauty or even damage the bracelet.” We did not want to damage the stones and reasoned with her that it would be the best to hold on to what she had instead of remaking it as it wasn’t a prudent choice and something that we could have done justice to.

  • We truly believe that jewellery that has heirloom status, sentimental value or was made at a time and with a technique that cannot be replicated today should be enjoyed as it is without changing its core.




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Please let us know what you are looking for in as much detail as possible - think metal, styles, gemstones, purpose and use of the jewellery and maybe even an indicative cost? We’d love to hear what’s on your mind: