Your Questions Answered

Pricing related FAQs:

Q: What is your pricing policy?
A: All our prices are clearly mentioned on our price tags, this is applicable for all products on display in the showroom as well as on our website. These are fixed prices.

Q. Do you charge GST in addition to the price mentioned?
A. All our prices and estimates are inclusive of GST. Always.

Q: Do you provide a breakup of the cost?
A: In line with international standards of pricing, we do not provide a breakup of the cost. Instead, we provide detailed information about the material content of the jewellery such as purity of gold, weight and details of gemstones and diamonds. Each product carries a fixed price which is indicated on the product page.tag.

Q. Would there be a variance in the cost estimate given at the time of placing an order and the time of final delivery of the jewellery product in case of customised orders?
A. Yes, that is a possibility. Since each of our products is handmade, there is a possibility of variation between estimated weight and actual weight. This can lead to a change in final price compared to the estimated price. Additionally, when sourcing specialised gemstones, the market prices may fluctuate and this may have an impact on the final price of the product. We will notify this to the customer as soon as the product is ready.

Q. Is there an additional charge for custom orders?
A. Although most of our products are made-to-order, we do not have any additional making fee. However, for certain products an exception may be made. In such cases, the customer will be informed at the time of placing the order.

Product related FAQs-

Q: What materials do you use?
A: We use a variety of materials primarily Gold in 18 Karat (75% gold purity), Gold in 22 Karat (91.6% gold purity), Sterling silver (92.5% silver purity), diamonds and various gemstones. We also use gemstones provided by the customers.

Q: Do you work with metals other than gold and silver?
A: Yes, if the design requires it. For example, some handwoven chains are made with a combination of copper and gold wires, or even wires made of pure copper.

Q: What gemstones do you use?
A: We love working with a variety of gemstones, right from precious rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds to semi-precious stones like tourmaline, onyx and citrine. We are guided by the design!

Q: Is your jewellery hallmarked?
A: Yes.

Q. Do you offer repair services?
A. Yes, we do. However, it depends upon the product in question. We can offer repair services only after assessing the product since it may require specialised skills, tools and techniques that we may not possess. Also, we may be unable to take up repairs of products where there’s a risk of damaging it.

Q. Do you handle repairs even if the jewellery is not from Rasvihar?
A. Yes, we would be happy to if the product is within repairable means.

Q. I’m not in Chennai, how can I send my product for repair/ repair inspection?
A. We can arrange for pick up from most locations in India through our logistics partner - the cost of the same will be borne by the customer. The shipment will be insured for the transit duration. Please reach us on email or call us to work out the cost.

Q. Do you work with the customer’s diamonds/ gemstones?
A. Sometimes we do. It depends a great deal upon the specific diamonds/ gemstones and their suitability in making the product of jewellery desired. We also have quality diamonds and gemstones that one can use to design their jewellery with.

Q. Do you have any ready to purchase products?
A. No, we don’t have any ready to purchase products. Most of our work involves made-to-order jewellery.

Q: Do you sell gold-plated jewellery?
A: No, Rasvihar does not sell any gold-plated jewellery. Some of our jewellery products may be Rhodium-plated and that depends entirely on the design requirements of the particular product.

Q. How do I clean and care for my jewellery?
A. Most jewellery except corals and pearls (since they are organic) are cleaned by dipping them into a bath of lukewarm baby shampoo water, and cleaned with a soft-bristled toothbrush. The jewellery is then wiped dry with a soft towel which does not tug at the metal settings of the gemstones.
Read more about jewellery care here.

Q. How do I measure my ring /bangle size?
A. You can refer to our sizing chart here.

Business related FAQs-

Q: Do you have any distributors, dealers, agents or representatives?
A: No, we do not. Rasvihar jewellery is sold online on, at our showroom in Chennai and at exhibitions where Rasvihar has a stall.

Process related FAQs-

Q. What services do you offer?
A. Our services primarily include designing and production of jewellery and jewellery valuation along with other jewellery care related services such as cleaning and repair.

Q. What is the process to place on order at Rasvihar?
A. Here’s how you can place an order on

Q. Do you make customised jewellery products?
A. Yes, absolutely! We would be delighted to customise jewellery for our customers. You can read more about it here.

Q. Can I place an order on your website?
A. Yes, you can. is fully functional to accept eCommerce orders.

Q. How much time does it take to complete my order?
A. It varies from product to product. The delivery time depends on how complex the design is, and whether any specialised gemstones have to be sourced. However, in general, considering we have everything we need to make the design, it takes about 4 weeks to deliver the product.

Q. Can I see a sample of the jewellery I ordered before final completion?
A. Yes, in most cases we’ll be happy to share in-process photos for your view. In some cases, we can make and show you a sample portion in silver.

Q. What happens if I am unhappy with how the jewellery has turned out finally?
A. Such a situation is to be avoided as it is wasteful. Therefore, we urge you to carefully consider your decision before placing an order. Custom-made orders cannot be cancelled as the product has been made specifically upon your requirement.

Q. What is the buyback policy?
Exchange & Returns Policy:
(1) Return of goods will not be accepted under any circumstances.
(2) Note that, in lieu of goods, no payment will be made via cash, coins or any other mode of payment.
(3) Exchange of goods will be accepted under the following terms:
(3a) Gold will be valued at prevailing market rate.
(3b) Diamonds will be valued, as determined by us, at 65% of market rate prevailing at the time of exchange.
(3c) Precious & semi-precious gemstones will not be accepted.

Q. How can I confirm my order?
A. An order is confirmed as soon as we receive an advance payment of 650% (should be within 3 days of approving the estimate).

Q. Do you provide any guarantees for your jewellery?
A. Yes, the jewellery is accompanied by Rasvihar’s digital product certificate of warranty. All our products are also hallmarked.

Shipping related FAQ-

Q. Do you ship domestic orders (within India)?
A. Yes, we regularly deliver to customers in various towns and cities of India. Please check with us regarding delivery to your location before placing an order.

Q. Do you ship internationally (outside India)?
A. Yes, we ship internationally. Please check with us regarding delivery to your location before placing an order.

Q. What is the shipping charge?
A. The shipping charge will depend upon the product value and delivery location.

Q. Do you offer COD?
A. As our products are made-to-order, we don’t offer cash on delivery (COD).