Welcome to Rasvihar

STYLE, SUBSTANCE AND SOUL – this is at the heart of all Rasvihar jewellery. Style that is timeless and effortless, which does not need an occasion or an appointment. Substance is translated into each of our products by the skilled hands that masterfully craft and bring out the beauty in each design. And soul is what you add to our jewellery, dear customer. Without you, we cannot imagine our journey to have any meaning.

At Rasvihar, it is our endeavour to take our customers on a journey – a journey that will help them discover themselves through the jewellery they adorn every day. Whether it is a sentimental piece that you wish to preserve, or something unique and exclusive that you wish to own or a piece that celebrates the small, everyday joys of living – we are here for it all. 

Made-to-order and handcrafted is our mantra. The personal touch is our mission. And being a part of your legacy is our privilege.

We design jewellery that you needn’t break the bank for. Maybe just your bank locker. 

We have often come across many customers who have exclaimed to us how they have unwearable, weighty and suitable for rare occasions only jewellery lying in their bank lockers which they absolutely cannot imagine wearing every day.
We understand that as Indians we see value in Gold as an investment. But for today’s woman, how she presents herself has also become equally important.
Which is why, our advice has always been this – why not combine the essence of your heirloom, keepsake jewellery into more naturally chic designs that serve the dual purpose of an investment and an adornment. 

This, we believe, makes us truly unique in a market full of mass-made and identical looking pieces. For us, jewellery is an expression of the wearer and carries their legacy forward.